Rabbit Island Reverse Garage Sale: Starts Today!

Rabbit Island is in need of a few supplies. In the spirit of our project we are hoping to source some of these items second-hand before falling back on retail outlets. (Similar to this idea, perhaps.)

It works like this: If you have any of these supplies in your garage/attic/basement and are willing to part with them for a fair price please get in touch and we will happily purchase them. All items will be used to keep island artists safe and outfitted with basic, functional tools and help encourage an ethic of rational conservation. 

Our first resident artist of 2012, Jeremy Quentin, landed on the island this week and is in the midst of several days of solitude (and a character building thunderstorm) while finishing up a new album. Andrew Ranville will be arriving on July 5th from London in preparation for his Rabbit Island show at the DeVos Art Museum in September. Sara Maynard arrives from San Francisco on July 20th. 

contact: rob@rabbit-island.org

note: list will be updated to reflect remaining needs

+ one sturdy wheelbarrow, metal

+ one set wooden oars

+ pulleys - various sizes (sailing blocks, generic pulleys, etc.) 

+ two thick wool blankets  

+ old sailboat sails for shelter projects

+ kayaking-style life jackets

+ two small dry-bags for emergency boat kits

+ candles - various

+ ropes and lines - of various caliber (for dockage, mooring, general, etc.)

+ stainless mixing bowls - small, medium, large

+ binoculars

+ carpentry nails and screws

+ medium expedition duffle bags

+ sturdy canvas bags for transport of veggies/grains/pasta

+ standard garden tools

+ brass, iron or aluminum bell, 7" - 10" diameter

+ tired climbing gear: ropes, carabiners, cams (to be used for dockage, not climbing)

+ two regular garden spades

+ reliable ladder

+ two handheld compasses

+ two 8 - 15lb anchors

+ 300 feet of anchor line

+ swimming fins, masks

+ 3/2 or 2/1 wetsuits, full or shorty styles

+ used kayak: 14-16’ with 21-23" beam, touring type, molded

+ used laser sailboat

Besides the sale price we’ll take care of shipping. Supplies can be sent to the address below or we can arrange local pick-up in the Upper Peninsula (or NYC):

Rabbit Island

138 S. Iroquois Street,

Laurium, MI 49913

June 21, 2012