We’re working on a Rabbit Island mixtape for our Kickstarter supporters this afternoon and found a nice tune by a band that takes its name from a country road on the mainland a bit north of the island.  It is raining in New York today and this sounds about right.  The band is called Gratiot Lake Road.  Their first album is called Seasons.  It can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.  

Gratiot Lake Road itself connects the main highway of the peninsula, US 41, to a small inland lake about halfway up the Keweenaw as it stretches north and then east to Copper Harbor.  Past Calumet the land starts to really show its color and it is about here where ‘god’s country’ is said to start.  

The mixtape is coming together nicely and will include music that exemplifies the spirit of the Michigan north woods and the simplicity of island life.  Stay tuned.

August 21, 2011