This is the most recent update of life and work on the island as told by Andrew Ranville who is on the island until the end of August.  The rest of the update can be found on Kickstarter here.  The wind has been kicking up on the lake recently from both the east and the west and the seaworthy boat we purchased while attempting to use our Kickstarter funds judiciously ended up having a lemon of a motor.  Our economy had backfired.  This was very disheartening.  

We have been struggling to find a local used engine that will push our boat but in rural northern Michigan such things are hard to find on short notice.  The other small aluminum fishing boat we have at our disposal “thinks it can” on Lake Superior but in the end can’t always be safely relied upon, especially on days when the winds are above 15 knots.  

Island life has thus not been without frustrations.  Good progress has been made, however, in spite of a few misfortunes and lessons have been learned.  Success and basic settlement, ultimately, will be all the sweeter when it is finished.    

August 17, 2011