The No Island is a Man artifact kit from Andrew Ranville and the DeVos Art Museum. A limited-edition of only 60, proceeds will benefit the Rabbit Island Residency program, the Keweenaw Land Trust and the Superior Watershed Partnership.

The kit is two CNC-machined and laser-engraved pieces of red oak sourced from the Keweenaw Penninsula held together by powerful magnets. Contained within is an infosheet, the exhibition catalogue and postcard set, a signed Rabbit Island Quadrangle print, an eco USB stick containing field recordings from the island (mp3 and Quadraphonic audio formats), a forestry-certified pencil and a brass matchcase with compass hand-made in Idaho by K&M Matchcase.

Get the artifact kit here.

The No Island is a Man exhibition is still running and is on display until December 14th. If you are in the area please come out to see it.

November 26, 2012