In the midst of the 2nd world war a letter arrived at the white house:  

My dear Mr. President,

Many years ago I purchased some 30,000 acres in Jackson Hole Wyoming confidentally expecting that the federal government would gladly acccept the land as a gift to be added to it’s national parks system. 15 years have passed. The government has not accepted the property. I have now determined to dispose of the property, selling it, if necessary, in the market to any satisfactory buyer.

Very sincerely,

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

The land ultimately became the eastern half of Grand Teton National Park, an investment that has paid dividends over time. Question: Could the Kickstarter model complement the individual philanthropist as the instrument of conservation in America? The Maine Woods National Park proposal would be an interesting setting to test the waters with. If created the park would encompass 3.2 million acres and become the “Yellowstone of the East”. Not a small idea.  

March 31, 2012