Rabbit Island Architecture Competition Jury Duty

A jury of architects, designers and artists was assembled and began formal criticism of submissions to the Rabbit Island Architecture Competition this past Monday evening. We gathered in a conference room at the WeWork space in Soho and held a lively round-robin discussion. Seven submissions were received in total spanning a wide variety of conceptual references, technical complexity and philosophical tone. Out-of-town jurors are continuing to review submissions and will be summarizing their ideas which will then be added to the consensus of the NYC based meeting.

For reference the original competition guidelines can be found here

Chris, architect
Monica, architect
Max, designer and editor of campsite-studio.com
Tom, artist
Jimmy, assistant professor of architecture at Cooper Union
Melissa, director of the Devos Art Museum
Leo, partner at LoT Architecture
Amandagraphic designer at MoMa 
Jace, editor of Cabin Porn
Philartist and co-founder of livestream.com

We will be basing our decision on the objective merits of each proposal alone, while attempting to avoid outside influence. However, as is the case with any jury, we may discover that there is no such thing as an impermeable media curtain. Thus feel free to add bias by ‘liking’ submissions on our blog or facebook page. We hope to have conclusions prepared by next Wednesday.  

Submissions are linked here (in no particular order) and can also be found by scrolling through our blog:  one + two + three + four + five + six + seven 
April 19, 2012