This quilt is just about spot on. Emily Fischer is a friend of friends who runs a small design studio in Brooklyn called Haptic Lab. “The Great Lakes quilt is our love letter to the Upper Midwest”. We pre-ordered one yesterday and asked for one small favor… could Rabbit Island be sewn on? She was happy to do so and it turns out she spent quite a bit of time as a kid camping on the Apostle Islands in western Lake Superior and misses the lake an awful lot. She even asked if we need a resident quilter. Of course we do!

The quilt will be great to have around camp and fits well with the ideas of simplicity, design and basic efficiency we strive for with any civilization undertaken on Rabbit Island. If you decide to get one consider having Rabbit Island sewn on and make it an extra unique keepsake. These will definitely be rarities amongst an already limited run. Other designs available at Haptic Lab are curated nicely as well and celebrate New York, Central Park, Brooklyn, Paris, Telluride, and other locales; all places that are inspiring when thinking about the intersection of the civilized world and the natural environment and how that relationship has changed over time. 

February 15, 2012