Gothamist picked up the Rabbit Island story today and ran it with quite a zinging headline.  While we appreciate the press (thanks Gothamist!), the sensational title is misleading as is the context of the story.  We do not want to recreate a Mini Manhattan!  Our intention is, of course, the opposite of this but alas such nuance was lost in translation.  Please see our blog for more about where we are coming from.  We are simply fascinated by Manhattan, given that it was in the relatively recent past a wilderness island, and feel comfortable drawing comparisons for the sake of contrast.  That’s all.  We wish to learn from the past as we look to the future.  

The Village Voice also ran a piece with a moderate case of headline hyperbole, though the article is degrees friendlier towards our intent, if slightly sarcastic.  Many thanks V.V.  We’re ok with Bon Iver too.

Needless to say we learned a LOT about web PR today and regret slightly the tack chosen by the internet.  We hope our project gets covered by others who are interested and still very much appreciate any support.  Many people have emailed post-Gothamist with serious offers of collaboration and we are super excited about this potential.  The U.P. is a beautiful place.  Thanks.

June 24, 2011