“By the way, I made a brief stop (in the fog, wind, and rain) at Rabbit Island on May 5th. Anchored on the southern shore and walked around the island. I left almost as quickly as I came though, as the weather was quite shifty. After visiting many islands on the remote Canadian North Shore I must say that Rabbit Island is more like those islands up there than any on the South Shore.”

Marlin Ledin and his girlfriend Susan sailed 700 miles on Lake Superior over 60 days on his Seaforth 24, VoyageurHis route reads like a dream:

Apostle Islands + Keweenaw Waterway + Rabbit Island + Copper Harbor + Isle Royale + Rossport, ON + Slate Islands + Isle Royale + Grand Marais, MN + Apostle Islands. I had wanted to go to the Huron Islands and Stannard Rock Lighthouse… next time around.

We smiled when we stumbled across the claim he inscribed on Rabbit Island sandstone two months ago. Marlin has returned to land for the moment to resupply for the second leg of his voyage. If all goes well we’ll be crossing paths again in early August as he sails to more destinations east.

Stay on that boat, man.

July 15, 2012